We are a group of volunteers working with local communities to explore, enrich and share our enthusiasm for the biodiversity of Sid Valley. We do this by:

Helping people to understand and celebrate the rich diversity of wildlife in the valley.

Encouraging people to take steps to benefit nature conservation and biodiversity.

Supporting citizen science projects to survey, record and monitor wildlife.

Offering guidance and support to others including partners, organisations, schools and land owners.

Examples of our work include:

Gathering and monitoring data on wildflowers, birds, butterflies, bats, mammals, seaweed etc. 

Monitoring and recording water quality in the river Sid and its tributaries.

Encouraging involvement in national biodiversity initiatives, for example, Big Garden Birdwatch and Big Butterfly Count.

Sharing our love of wildlife on social media and in the Sidmouth Herald.

Arranging walks and talks to introduce people to the wildlife on their doorstep.

Participating in local events including Sea Fest and the Science Festival.

Our plan is available by clicking the link.

One thought on “The Sid Valley Biodiversity Group (SVBG)

  1. Barbara and James Sweetman says:

    Your group was mentioned to us by Simon Papworth who we help with the maintenance of the Lower Knapp Pond Reserve. We would love to be included in your correspondence circulation. Barbara and James Sweetman. Retired from West Africa managing sustainable supplies of wild forest fruit.

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