Our Plan


What is biodiversity?

Biodiversity stands for biological diversity and refers to the variety of life on earth as a whole or in a given area, such as the Sid Valley. The future of the planet depends upon a balanced, interdependent mosaic of habitats where living organisms interact with the physical environment. The air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat all rely upon a rich diversity of life.


Our purpose

Working with the community to enhance and enrich the biodiversity of Sid Valley.


Our aims

Making a measurable positive difference to the biodiversity of Sid Valley by:

Helping people to understand and celebrate the rich diversity of wildlife already present in the valley.

Working with others, including individuals, organisations, authorities, businesses and land owners, on biodiversity-enhancing projects.
Encouraging people to take their own steps to benefit nature conservation and biodiversity.


Our objectives



Establishing baseline data for Sid Valley flora, fauna and habitats by extracting results and evidence from existing databases and reports and by conducting and contributing to surveys.
Monitoring changes to baseline data.


In the shorter term; delivering biodiversity-enhancing projects and supporting other groups to deliver theirs.
In the medium term; working with the community and relevant organisations to develop a nature recovery plan for Sid Valley based on research and evidence.


Identifying and engaging with people who are not currently involved in exploring, understanding and enjoying the natural environment.
Increasing public understanding of the diversity of wildlife already present in the Sid Valley and the benefits of spending time in nature.
Supporting people through information and engagement to take actions that will benefit wildlife and provide personal learning and enjoyment.
Enhancing learning within the group and the wider community by inviting specialists in various disciplines to share their knowledge about the natural world.


How we work

1. We partner and support a number of Sid Vale community groups who share a similar purpose of protecting and enhancing the local natural environment. Working together in this way allows connections to be made between people and projects resulting in co-ordinated activities, sharing of data and resources, generation of ideas and avoidance of duplication.
2. We offer support for biodiversity-enhancing projects of other local organisations. This support takes various forms including delivering citizen science projects, carrying out surveys, organising volunteers, offering help with communications and marketing, sharing data and signposting to other individuals and organisations.
3. We initiate projects as appropriate to benefit biodiversity including research projects for enhanced understanding and practical initiatives for environmental improvement.
4. We promote opportunities for people to get involved in local, regional and national biodiversity initiatives. For example, the Big Garden Birdwatch(RSPB), Big Butterfly Count (Butterfly Conservation), Life on the Verge.


Making a difference

Enhancing and enriching the biodiversity of Sid Valley is a gradual process and we can expect incremental changes to be made year on year. In the short term we will produce an action plan with measurable objectives. This will ensure that our work is focused, achievable and that it makes a difference. When we have gathered sufficient data and drawn some conclusions we will work with the community and various organisations to develop a nature recovery plan for the valley.

We will report on progress to Sidmouth Town Council through their Environment Committee. The public will be informed about and involved in our work and we willreport, as required, to relevant organisations such as nature and wildlife groups.