Event Title
Food Forest Guided Tour

Sunday June 9th 

10:00 – 12.00

Location / Starting point
Food Forest, Byes Lane, Sidford. Near Sidford Social Hall. 

Event Leader
Stefan Drew & Tess Bisson

A brief outline of what the event will include:

A guided tour of the Community Food Forest which was built to provide food for people and as a site for wildlife and biodiversity. The site is in its infancy but already we have bat boxes in the trees, frogs in the pond and a huge range of usual and unusual edible plants being grown. From perennials such as rhubarb, perennial kale and mulberries to unusual species such as Apios americana and Hablitzia tamnoides. 

The food forest has seven layers of production and it will be possible to see most of them in action. 

Our list of birds, insects and other wildlife is increasing as we improve the area for humans and wildlife to enjoy together.

Maximum capacity
100 – No Booking Required

Approximate length of walk
Only 200m

Type of terrain
Level grassed and wood chipped area not far from road. The area is not however guaranteed to be trip free and suitable footwear and clothing is recommended. 

New Plantings of Rhubarb and Perennial Kale at Sidford Community food Forest

Any advice on what to wear/bring
Nothing required, but dress appropriately for the outdoors and weather.

Who the walk is for
General public, newbie gardeners and wildlife enthusiasts as well as those with more knowledge all welcome.


Free, but donations are gratefully accepted. 

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