Bat walk by the river Sid

Sarah Butcher, Devon Bat Group

Friday 7 June 2024

Time 21:15 to 23:00

Starting point: Toll House, Salcombe Road entrance to the Byes

The river Sid is a vital habitat for bats who feed on the insects massing around the water and surrounding trees, hedges and grassland. Bats also use the river for commuting up and down the valley, and they roost in the veteran trees and old buildings close by. This walk with experienced bat specialist, Sarah Butcher, chair of the Devon Bat Group, will give you the chance to see, hear and identify some of the species to be found along our river, and find out more about their ecology.


The walk is aimed at the general public and no prior knowledge is needed. It is most suitable for adults and older children (over 8). All under 16s must be accompanied by a responsible adult. 

The terrain is mainly tarmac path with some walking on grass and crossing bridges with steps and ramps. Walking close to water throughout the walk. Maximum distance of walk is two miles.

Warm clothing is advised, including hats and gloves, since there will be periods of standing still and listening for bats. Walking boots or wellies advisable. Bring a torch, but please be prepared to keep it switched off while walking together, due to the need to limit nighttime disturbance to wildlife. Infra-red head torches are useful, but not essential.

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