Heavy rain has prevented us holding many volunteer sessions recently, but there is still good news. We now have a new logo and there are positive signs of growth amongst the food forest plants.

Sidmouth Community Food Forest logo

The primroses we planted over winter are now blooming and I’ve seen several bumble bees in the garden when we’ve had a few sunny hours. Birds are also siniging with a really loud wren the last time I was on site. And in the pond we have frogspawn, which we hope will hold water long enough for the frogspawn to hatch, and for the froglings to leave the water and take to the hidden nooks and crannies around the garden.

Working with EDDC

We’ve been working with the Communities & housing team at EDDC and are holding a joint event with them at the food forest in April. It’ll give us a chance to put our new display boards on show for the first time. Thanks to Jamie at EDDC in helping us to develop the boards. It wouldn’t have happened without her.

More on this event in a future post. In the meantime don’t forget we will be holding events at the Food Forest during the Sidmouth Biovdiversity Festival 2024. June 7-9th 2024 .. The food forest day events are on the Sunday, June 9th and will include guided tours of this and another food forest, art events and much more.

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