Friday, November 18th 2023                                             Immediate Release 

MP Answers Biodiversity Questions

Sid Valley Biodiversity Group members recently met Simon Jupp MP, at Kennaway House, to request his help in protecting the Sid Valley’s environment.

On Friday November 17th a group from Sid Valley Biodiversity Group (SVBG) met Simon Jupp MP to bring him up to date on some of the things the group is trying to achieve, and to ask what help he can offer to further biodiversity in the valley and wider.

The discussion included the community food forest at Sidford, Citizen Science projects and River Sid Catchment Plan aimed at ecological enhancement throughout the valley. The SVBG specifically requested the MPs views, and help, on reinstating Environment Agency funding to enable statutory environmental monitoring to return to previous levels. 


The meeting was extremely positive with the MP, who lives in the Sid Valley, asking for regular meetings with the SVBG. Mr Jupp also committed to campaigning for increased Environment Agency funding to enable statutory monitoring to be reinstated. 

Mr Jupp additionally commented on his wish for a further Westminster debate on South West Water’s delivery record across the region. 

SVBG spokesperson, Stefan Drew said, “Over recent months we have seen a marked increase in road closures due to extreme storms causing flooding. This demonstrates the issues we face in steep sided valleys where soil erosion then affects the river and its biodiversity. Mr Jupp understood these issues and how action is needed at both local and national level.“

“We hope that EA will see the sense in improved monitoring in the Sid Valley catchment, not least because it is the only river in England that rises and reaches the sea in a single council area. As such it is an excellent research and demonstration location for monitoring effective environmental controls and systems.”

“The SVBG undertakes regular monitoring on various biodiversity and environmental measures across the valley and has agreed to the MP’s offer of quarterly meetings.” 

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