Hedgehogs are in decline nationally. But we’ve had a good number of local sightings as this map shows. 

Big hedgehog map of Sidmouth
Big hedgehog map of Sidmouth

In our Sidford garden we get hedgehogs feeding most nights right up to Christmas and beyond. Now it’s February I’ve not seen one for about a week and I’m guessing they are hibernating for a while. 

It’s likely that there are far more hedgehogs in the Sid valley than reported and it would be good if we were to get additional sightings onto the map. 

If you see a hedgehog please record it on the Big Hedgehog Map at https://bighedgehogmap.org

2 thoughts on “Hedgehog Survey Map

  1. Janet Anderson says:

    For some reason I can’t leave a marker on the map but I have Hedgehogs visiting my garden on a regular basis. I have a hog house and a feeding station. One takes up residence during the Winter, pops out for a snack during the night and then goes to sleep in the house for the day. I have had a Wildlife camera taking photos & videos at night and from the amount of visits to the feeding station there must be two or three or even more. I had highways put in the fence so that they could access the piece of waste ground nearby.
    They are fascinating little creatures. From one video I could see the Hedgehog stand on his hind legs & suck off the slugs on the outside of the feeding station.

    1. What a pity. Sadly it’s not our website so we can’t fix it. The best idea might be to let the website admin know and see if they’ll fix it.

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