Just over 170 years ago Dr. WH Cullen conducted a botanical survey of herbaceous plants ion the Sid Valley and surrounding area. In 1849 Cullen published his findings in a book he entitled, Flora Sidostiensis, a copy can be seen in the town library. His list at that time stood at 509 herbaceous wildflower species.

Throughout 2021 SVBG members searched the valley to prepare and compare a current list with Cullen’s finds. Many of Dr. Cullen’s flowers can still be found, but the modern list contains several new species that have been introduced to the valley in recent years. For example we are finding some garden escapees such as Buddleia davidii and Crocosmia that Dr Cullen could not have seen because they were introduced by plant hunters in the 1880s. 

But the work didn’t finish in 2021. The search for species continues, conducted mainly by Ed Dolphin, and here is the most up to date list available. It consists of 450 species and more get added from time to time.

As more plants are discovered and identified we will publish them here.

Please scroll side to side to see the whole spreadsheet

More About Dr WH Cullen

There is an article about the life of Cullen and his family available on this website. Click the link to access it.

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