Charles Dowding: Biodiversity & No Dig is a video in which Charles explains his ethos and methods that increases yields and soil biodiversity.

Soil is at the heart of growing most of the crops we rely on for food and other vegetable related products. And in recent years we have started to realise how soils can be degraded or enhanced by the way we treat them.

Charles Dowding
Charles Dowding

Treated well, soils can provide increased yields, increase biodiversity and sequester carbon. In recent years No Dig gardening has come to the fore. It’s been at the heart of what our guest today, Charles Dowding, has promoted as the way to garden in harmony with nature and in some ways sits alongside Regenerative Agriculture but on a smaller scale.

As Charles recently wrote, “Soil is the most important part of no dig gardening. We don’t disturb it, and encourage biodiversity through feeding all the organisms in soil with compost and other organic matter placed on the surface.”

In this video Charles explains his philosophy and methods to help us better understand how No Dig can help us create more biodiverse gardens.

This event was jointly run by the Sid Valley Biodiversity Group (SVBG) and Thanks to Sidmouth Town Council for their support and to Jon Frost for his help in running the event.

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