School weir is virtually impassable for the majority of migrating fish wishing to enter the river Sid.

Many fanciful plans have previously been considered, many at great cost.

School weir on river Sid

But what are the design considerations when designing a fish ladder? Does one design suit all species and how high can fish climb through rapidly moving water?

The following video looks at fish ladder design in the extreme and from an engineering and hydraulic perspective. Its based on the huge dams found in the US, so on a different scale to the river Sid. But the principles are similar and I post it to stimulate ideas and conversation around the use of fish ladders on rivers like ours.

2 thoughts on “A Fish Ladder For The Sid?

  1. Charles Sinclair says:

    Thanks for posting this Stefan. The sad fact that no migrating fish can get past School Weir severely restricts the fish populations in the river Sid.
    If sea trout were able to access the river we would have a much stronger fish population in the river. If salmon were able to return how exciting would that be for the river. Eels would be another beneficiary of a well designed fish pass. Both eels and salmon are endangered species and we should be doing everything we can to help them to fulfil their life cycles.
    I hope it is not an unrealistic dream to see a fish pass installed at School Weir in the near future. The River Sid Catchment Group are working towards this end.

    1. Stefan Drew says:

      Agreed. It would be good to find an acceptable way to grant fish easy access. The benefits would be huge.

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