Sidmouth Community Food Forest Tours

Tess Bisson & Stefan Drew

Sun 9 June 2024

Time 10:00 to 12.15. Starting every 25-30 minutes. Duration approx 30-40 minutes

Starting point: Food Forest, Sidford.

What Three Words: ///

Postcode: EX10 9QX


The Sidmouth Community Food Forest is a project run under the auspices of the Sid Valley Biodiversity Group and was set up after we approached the local council, EDDC, and agreed the use of a quarter acre of land at Sidford. Previously the site had been used by a Pre-School group but this had disbanded around the time of the pandemic.

Food forests are found across tropical & sub-tropical regions and claimed as relatively new in the UK, though I would argue they are not. But they do contribute to food resilience, biodiversity & engender an understanding of food.

When we took over the site there was a lot of work to be done to remove dangerous structures and control the rank grass and overgrown areas. We tackled the grass by using woodchip to create a natural woodland floor type environment which is similar to a No Dig garden. Plants are now being planted in these beds and range from fruit trees, perennial kales and other perennial species as well as a range of climbers and other herbaceous plants.

Food Forests exist in seven layers; from mature tree down through the shrub layer to the organisms that spend much of their lives underground.


The site is level but consists of woodchip and grass which can be uneven and sometimes wet. Please wear appropriate clothing.

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