Monthly monitoring points [MPs] include four locations on the River Sid, and one location on each of five tributary streams, as close as possible to their confluence with the Sid.

Tributaries monitored include Roncombe Stream, Lincombe Stream, Snod Brook, Burcombe Brook and Woolbrook.  

We monitor two sites on the Woolbrook to distinguish urban from rural run off.  The lower site is at Lymebourne where the Woolbrook joins the Sid. The Upper site is just below the A3052. At Stowford. 

Bickwell Brook is monitored at Glen Goyle. We have just begun regular monitoring of Salcombe Regis Stream at Salcombe Regis Mouth. Thanks to an athletic water monitor! 

We spot monitor at sites where there may be problems e,g Fortescue Bridge, discharges into the Sid between Fortescue and Sidford, other locations on the Snod and the stream discharging at Weston Mouth.  Thanks to our team of monitors who not only monitor water quality but record features such as river channel width, water depth, rate of river flow. character of the river bottom. potential sources of pollution, land use on the adjacent banks. presence of invasive species such as Himalayan balsam and Japanese knotweed and wild life present in and around the water e.g. wagtails, dippers, kingfishers, water measurers, fish and otters. This helps in getting to know our watercourses and changes can be identified moe easily.    

[WRT Survey Sheet ] 

Here are our monitoring sites which are also shown on the map below.

River Sid

Plyford MP SY 14129 94671 Monitoring Point [MP] is closest to the source of the Sid at  Crowpits Covert.  

Sidbury MP SY14067 9180 is near Church Street Bridge,nclose to Sidford C of E Primary School. EA flood risk sensors are on the bank opposite. 

Sidford MP SY13732 89937 is below Pack Horse Bridge near the Blue Ball pub.  

Sidmouth MP SY12778 87884 is in the Byes below  the “waterfall” called School Weir, which prevents sea trout and eels from moving up stream.  

River Sid Tributaries

Roncombe Stream MP SY14238 92217 is by the Buckley Rd. Bridge at Cotford,this stream is the major tributary of the Sid. 

Lincombe Stream MP SY13850 9185 is by the community car park in Sidbury.  

Burscombe Brook MP SY12976 90408 is at the bridge over the road leading to Brook Farm, 

on the outskirts of Sidford.  

Snod Brook MP SY 1409190064 is at the road bridge by Sidford Scaffolding Yard on Harcombe Lane East.  

Upper Woolbrook MP SY11520 89626 is at Stowford below the A 3052. 

Lower Woolbrook MP SY12970 88672 is at Lymebourne, very close to its confluence with the Sid. 

Other Watercourses

Bickwell Brook MP SY12012 87493 is just South of Cotmaton Road, Sidmouth in the attractive area called Glen Goyle 

Salcombe Regis Mouth MP SY 14607 87663 is at the beach discharge point, reached via 100 steps!  

Sid Valley Water Quality Monitoring Points Map

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