Nature amble on Muttersmoor


Thursday 8 June


10:30-12:00 with optional return at 21:00 for nightjar spotting

Starting point

Muttersmoor car park, Peak Hill Road /// bridge.linked.baking


Mick Street, retired lecturer in wildlife conservation and horticulture at Bicton College.


A nature amble rather than a ramble concentrating on the plants and animals of heathland and their adaptations. There will be an option to return at 21:00 to observe and listen to nightjars.

Approximate length of walk

1 mile


Fairly level with paths but sometimes on uneven heathland, possibly muddy in places.

What should I bring

Dress appropriately for the weather and wear good walking shoes. Water, snacks, a hat and sun cream would be sensible.

Who should attend

Open to anyone interested in a short, gentle amble exploring wildlife. No previous level of knowledge is required. Dogs should be kept on a lead.

Booking NOT Necessary

Free Event, But Donations Welcome

All events are free though donations to support the group’s activities are welcome. An opportunity to donate, if you wish, will be available at all events

2 thoughts on “Nature amble on Muttersmoor – Thursday June 8th

  1. Richard Powell says:


    I was on the nature amble on Muttermoor this morning and showed this image to Mick. Canm he identify it?

    1. Michael Street says:

      Oops, sorry Richard, I have only gone on the biodiversity website today and had missed your request. I don`t seem to be able to open your photo. from what I can recall it was quite black and grey/whitish but I can`t remember if there was any yellow on the thorax. It could have been the ashy mining be or a cuckoo bumble bee, Bombus vestalis. would it be possible to send the photo to my email address or text to my mobile on 07955 556282

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