How To Create A Meadow Is The Subject Of This Video From Moor Meadows.


How To Create A Meadow With red clover
How To Create A Meadow. Red clover soon colonised this small area converted from lawn to wildflower meadow

Creating meadows and managing roadside verges isn’t difficult if we follow simple processes that work with nature rather than against it.

Meadows have significantly decreased in numbers in recent decades and this has seriously affected biodiversity.  However, we can improve the situation by managing areas of land differently. We don’t need vast tracts of land to create an area of meadow.  For example, a small lawn can be managed as a meadow and will see increased plant diversity leading to more insects including pollinator species such as bees and butterflies.

If you don’t have much space, a window box or large pot can be used to grow a small area of meadow mix. They are able to provide nectar rich wildflowers for a range of species.

In the video from Moor Meadows the discussion centres around how to create meadows on a larger scale and, at first glance, will not appear to apply to those with a small garden.  However the basic principles apply at any scale and even small areas of meadow are really valuable to wildlife.

The principles also apply to those Life on the Verge areas in the Sid Valley where management of roadside verges is being modified to improve the environment.


Future posts will deal with converting lawns into wildlife rich mini-meadows

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