Drowning By Numbers: The Past, Present And Future Of Ancient Water Meadows

With Dr Roger Cutting

Friday 7 June 2024

Time 11:30 to 12:30

Location: Cellar Bar, Kennaway House, Sidmouth

Roger taught and researched in both Environmental Sciences and Environmental Sustainability in UK universities for over 30 years. During this time, one of his primary research interests was in the history and operation of water meadows, particularly in the southwest region of England. He has numerous publications exploring both the history and operation of water meadows.

His talk will be an entertaining exploration of the historical origins and development of water meadows in the English landscape. It will explain how to recognise water meadows as well as how and why they are managed. Furthermore, the presentation will explore the ecology of the most threatened habitats in the UK and will suggest future options for protecting and maintaining them. 

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